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Alviso Marina Salt Ponds
Photographed by Ellina Yin


Ellina Yin (she/they) is a First Generation Cambodian-American multidisciplinary social practice artist, community organizer, and civic participation activist born and raised in San José, California on Muwekma Ohlone Lands.

Ellina has a passion for process and systems designs both in art and activism with over 15 years of multimedia storytelling. Ellina started storytelling at the age of 6 when they wrote their first book which was selected for publication by the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Book Fair. Ellina's work focuses on the intersection of the lived experience and the laws, policies, and decisions that shapes our lived realities from which art and culture emerges.

Ellina is the Founder/Producer of civic education nonprofit and podcast

Only in San José and is the Co-Producer of Season 1 Art in Motion Podcast, that spotlights contemporary BIPOC artists and creatives.

In June 2022 Ellina joined the San José State University Research Foundation as the Creative Director and Project/Research Manager for the Santa Clara County Oral Histories Project: AAPI Perspectives, where they are pursuing their dreams in filmmaking and writing a book.

Previously, Ellina served  as Operations Director and Co-Founder of Arts Nonproift Local Color, Founding Board Member of Civic Advocacy Nonprofit Catalyze SV. Additionally, Ellina is a Knight Foundation Emerging City Champion Fellow, Multicultural Arts Leadership Institute (MALI) Fellow, and New Leaders Council Fellow.

Multimedia Experiments in Storytelling

  • The Perspective(s) Podcast: The First Generation, (Coming July 16, 2022)

  • 2022 Election Ballots & Initiatives Multilingual Explainer (in production)

  • Public Comment Music & Beats Projects

  • Art in Motion (AIM) Podcast Season 1: Taking AIM only in San José

  • OSJ Live Charter Review Commission Twitch Stream

  • Only in San José Podcast Season 1: Boards & Commissions, City Charter Special Coverage

  • 100 Block Mural Minidocumentary, Collective Storytelling Produced by GeGe Xu Studios

  • Local Color Minidocumentary, Creative Director, Produce by NEEBA Media

Interviews, News & Media

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